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If you're trying to contact the Swansea Coastguard Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, situated in Braclet Bay, Mumbles, Swansea, please note that it closed at the beginning of March 2015!



In an Emergency, please call the U.K. Coastguard on V.H.F. Channel 16, VHF Channel 70 DSC or M.F. DSC


or using the phone, please dial 999 (or 112) and ask for the Coastguard 



Disgusted that the government are getting rid of Swansea Coastguard station/services by 2015. I have literally just walked home from my local shops in Mumbles @ 9.40pm (approx) and the Coastguard vehicle has passed heading out of Mumbles with flashing blue sirens...How sick are the government these days,; They seem to care more about helping other countries out financially than putting our lives first. x


Thanks Nicky, please see the "Save Swansea Coastguard" page for further details & links. The Website has been updated accordingly. The Mumbles Rescue Vehicle was on its way to a person who had fallen and sustained leg injuries. Details are on the Callouts pages.

Best Regards, from all at Mumbles Coastguard Rescue Team
Hi,In August I will be visiting my son who works in Haverfordwest then I will travel down to Stay in Swansea for 5 days or so.

In February 2009 I was on a cruise aboard The DISCOVERY- (South America to Antarctica etc etc) and I met an ex merchant navy mate by the name of "MIKE" who used to be a coastguard down there in Mumbles. I dont have his telephone number, e-mail or home address. I thought of giving him a ring just to catch up. Can you help? I sail out of Holyhead and am friendly with the lifeboat cox and 2nd cox. I may visit the Yacht Club in Swansea and maybe have a sail!

My home phone number is xxxxx xxxxxx and mobile:- xxxxx xxxxxx.

I would appreciate a call or e-mail if you can help me. Thanks a lot. Diolch yn fawr. Alun
22.41 10th July 2011.


Thanks Alun, email sent,.

Best Regards, from all at Mumbles Coastguard Rescue Team
You have a really cool web site! I can't believe that there are so many incidents taking place in a beautiful place like Mumbles, which to me feels like the safest place on the planet! Thank you for all your hard work.


Thanks for your kind comments Bahar,

Best Regards, from all at Mumbles Coastguard Rescue Team
What a marvelous web site and a wonderfull job you do, also great information on Mumbles can't wait to visit this easter. I promise to stay safe.

Best regards

Mrs J Wade (Bristol)


Thank you for your kind words, hope you enjoy your stay.

Best Regards, from all at Mumbles Coastguard Rescue Team